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Residential - Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is the removal of the small particles from the water. These particles may include sediments, iron, chlorine, dirt, silt and clay. The filter traps these particles as the water passes through it. Occasionally the filter will need to be backwashed. The flow of the water is reversed, and the sediments that are trapped in the filter are rinsed out. Culligan Whole House Water Filters can reduce particles in your water, and reduce the cause of problem water contaminants. It provides clean, fresh water to every room of your house.


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Water Filtration Systems
  • Remove dirt, silt, clay, and other sediments from both your drinking and household water
  • Eliminate that "Rotten Egg" odor
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Reduces the effects of water corrosion on plumbing and fixtures
  • Eliminates water stains due to corrosion

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Non-backwashing Filter
  • Culligan® Aquasential™ Non-Backwashing Systems use a simplified approach to whole-home and light commercial filtration needs. Aquasential Non-Backwashing Downflow Systems with activated carbon media offer an alternative filtration solution for many applications across a range of flow rates. Several system sizes and media options allow customization for specific filtration needs using Culligan Fiberglass and Quadra-Hull® tanks matched with our versatile In & Out Valve with 1" porting. Culligan Upflow Neutralizing Systems offer a simple, lower cost filter option to address acidic/low pH water conditions when a backwashing filter system is not necessary. Culligan Aquasential Non-Backwashing Systems offer savings on initial equipment investment and reduced installation and operating costs since they don't require a drain connection or an electrical supply.

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