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Culligan is the right choice for battling hard water at work. Water Softeners give you the good, quality water you need to take care of your business.

Through an ion exchange process, Culligan water softeners remove calcium, magnesium, and iron ions from your water. Water softeners reduce scale build up on equipment and reduce the amount of detergents and chemicals you use. Making your company more efficient and cost effective.

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High Efficiency Twin
For businesses needing 24/7 treated water. The High Efficiency (HE) 1.5 Twin Softener has patented technology which delivers improved efficiency to reduce operating costs. The HE softener reduces hard water contaminants*, reducing scale build-up that affect equipment performance. With the Culligan Smart Controller, available on the HE, the softener adjusts to influent water conditions and regenerates based on need. Customers can also monitor their water treatment system performance, consumable usage, and maintenance needs, at a single site or across multiple ones 24 hours a day.

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Culligan Top Mount (CTM)
Water softener series offers unbeatable flow rates with our proprietary valve design. Standard models include an integrated flow meter, pressure relief valve and vacuum breaker. The CTM softener is available in single system models or "multi-tank" progressive flow system models. Progressive Flow models can operate in parallel, alternating and progressive mode.

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